Advertisers are missing out on a huge market with these women! These are the women that are living their best lives! “We buy 65 percent of new cars, and 91 percent of new homes” Tania says. With her motivation and love of fashion, travel, and uplifting people, “Hey Lady” was born. “Hey Lady” is a phrase that she uses to greet her friends, and it invokes class, style, and sophistication, so naturally, it was perfect fit for her lifestyle brand.

    The Story Exchange-Hey Lady💋™ by Tania Lifestyle Brand

    I started Hey Lady💋™ after I found that advertisers cater less to women in the 40–55 year age range. My goal is to fill the void and feature women from all walks of life who are living and thriving. I wanted to start a movement for the woman who has a passion for fashion, a love of travel, and an interest in owning or growing a business–to motivate, empower and encourage them to live their best lives.

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